Thank you for joining us for the United Soybean Board event in June 2022.  Below you will find links to the presentations, recipes, and photos from the event.  The sizzle reel video will be added as soon as it becomes available.

Link to High Oleic Soybean Oil on CIA Recipe Portal Page

Day 1 Presentation – Including the Farmer’s Stories

Day 2 Presentation – Including Photography and Innovation

Joy’s Presentation Day 1 (All About Soy)

Joy’s Presentation Day 2 (Soybean Oil Functionality)

Dr. Van Deynze Presentation on Crop Breeding

Link to photos of the event

Chef Event Sizzle Reel

Chefs and USB Farmer April at CIA (Opens in new tab)Chefs and USB Farmer at CIA (Opens in new tab)Chef Laura and Farmer Belinda (Opens in new tab)

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