The right brain is driven by inspiration, imagination, and creativity, the left side by a method of process and measurement. Success depends upon a balance of both.

process collaboration

CIA Consulting’s process was created in conjunction with R&D professionals at some of the food industry’s leading companies for the purpose of sharing it with our students and professional connections. At the heart of it is process collaboration, meaning a team moves through a process instead of a process moving through a team.

Broad steps include

  • Ideation
  • Concepting—Ideas into paper versions
  • Protocepting—Concepts into looks-like, tastes-like versions
  • Gold Standard development—Protocepts into benchmarks for scale up

CIA Consulting clients range from food manufacturers to restaurant, retail, and non-commercial operators. Our innovation process yields excellent results for:

  • Immersions
  • New-to-the-world products
  • Product repositionings
  • Sensory evaluations
  • Menu platforms
  • Recipes
  • Culinary culture development
  • Health, wellness, and sustainability platforms
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PEPSICO: Next-Gen Innovation

CIA Consulting both teaches and practices an innovation process developed with the help of many of the leading brands in the food industry. Clients often leverage the expertise of our 200 diverse faculty members—ranging from culinarians to nutritionists to scientists—to achieve their product development goals.  But CIA students also represent a powerful innovation engine with next-gen thinking and social media possibilities.

In 2014, PepsiCo tapped the CIA to host a unique culinary competition in which students competed to create the ultimate football party food. Dubbed Game Day Grub Match, the student competition was filmed and produced into an online video series that attracted nearly 2 million views. PepsiCo returned the following year and the program soared to new heights, more than tripling its online viewership and engaging consumers via social media to submit their own PepsiCo-inspired recipes. All the action is available at or by checking out this YouTube Playlist.

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