CIA Consulting has teaching and examination relationships with organizations in five different countries on three continents. Clients range from schools to professional associations leveraging both CIA chefs and local educators. Our most popular model is a train-the-trainer format using licensed ProChef curriculum and CIA-administered exams.

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

Non-profits working to affect food policy can be challenged when it comes to connecting with foodservice operators. CIA Consulting helps to close the gap between nutritionists and chefs, for example, by aligning wellness initiatives with flavor and financial goals. Let us help you “speak foodservice” in your webinars, collateral, and training materials. Funding for these programs often come via government and foundation grants.


CIA Consulting works with government at all levels – from city and county Departments of Public Health to the US Department of Defense. The CIA was founded in 1947 as a career service to GIs returning from World War II, so it is fitting that the military is our largest client. We create menus, design facilities, and train mess staffs to enhance the performance, morale, and lifetime wellness of our armed services.

Case Study: The U.S. Air Force

Human Performance Optimization is serious business at the United States Department of Defense (DoD), where Bill Spencer is Chief Air Force Food & Beverage Division. The DoD launched its joint-branch Go For Green (G4G) initiative in 2008, with a stoplight color-coded rating system (green, yellow, red) to indicate the health and performance level of menu, snack, and entree items, and which should be eaten more or less often. Rankings are based on nutrition research and designed for the “unique environment of the military community.”

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